Grzegorz Latuszek


Software Engineer with 25 years of professional experience, 19 in telecom industry, 12 in tests automation... and still coding :-)

Helping others via trainings (Nokia Python trainer) and consulting their code architecture.

Test Dive 2017 speaker: Test Automation - step back please.

Education: M.Sc. in Computer Science at AGH University of Science and Technology Cracow.

Happy husband and father of 4 children.

Hobby: wood roots handicraft.



Reuse bill (2018)

This presentation discusses non-so obvious aspects of code reuse. How many times you have heard management or sales people asking you to “reuse that code” to speed things up or decrease cost? Maybe you’ve dreamed of making your code reusable? Or, maybe you are a manager wondering why those software engineers fail on “code reuse” topic?

Do you remember cases when dreams were gone and initial passion was renamed to daily frustration? Do you recognize this real-life business reality?

Or maybe your code is sequence of reuse success stories – then this presentation is not for you. But if you bravely struggle, you give your bests and still your code == "no reuse" ;-(… then let me share my story.

I will speak from my 25 years’ coding experience, especially from 12 years in test automation. Automation here means building Perl/Python libraries and frameworks. Looking back, I will share my thoughts on code that I have reused (or tried) and code that I’ve made reusable. Doing it with hope that my sharing helps on yours “reuse path”.

The presentation will discuss aspects related to:

  • Quality vs. time-to-market dilemma
  • Agile vs. Experience
  • Reuse planning and cost
  • Human factor and psychology of code reuse